I've been robbed!

No, seriously. This is the place where I usually point out what's new in the world of Monty Python, point out books and films and CD and other Python merchandise would be great gifts for the Python fan on your holiday shopping list and provide links to the stuff on Amazon to make your shopping easier. In return I (and other Amazon Associates) pick up a small commission to help pay for our sites. Today Amazon flat out cancelled my account and STOLE the money that was in it. When pressed for a reason Amazon could not provide an answer. The could not cite a single requirement that this site didn't meet, a single rule that it had broken or provide ANY legal justification for STEALING my money. This matter will be turned over to the authorities. Until then, consider this to be a warning. If you want to be an amazon Associate, DO NOT DO IT. If you are already an Amazon Associate, GET THE MONEY OUT OF YOUR ACCOUNT NOW before you're robbed.

What's New Lately?

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