The Complete Index of Shows

Series Two: September 15, 1970 - December 22, 1970

1) Dinsdale 'Face the Press' New Cooker Sketch Tobacconists (Prostitute Advert) The Ministry of Silly Walks The Piranha Brothers 2) The Spannish Inquisition Man-Powered Flight The Spanish Inquisition Jokes and Novelties Salesman Tax on Thingy Vox Pops Photos of Uncle Ted (Spanish Inquisition) The Semaphore Version of 'Wuthering Heights' 'Julius Caesar' on an Aldis Lamp Court Scene (Charades) 3) Untitled A Bishop Rehearsing Flying Lessons Hijacked Plane (to Luton) The Poet McTeagle Psychiatrist Milkman Complaints Deja Vu 4) The Buzz Aldrin Show Architect Sketch How to Give Up Being a Mason Motor Insurance Sketch 'The Bishop' Living Room on Pavement Poets A Choice of Viewing Chemist Sketch Words Not to be Used Again After-Shave Vox Pops Police Constable Pan-Am 5) Live from the Grillomat Live from the Grill-o-Mat Snack Bar, Paignton 'Blackmail' Society for Putting Things on Top of Other Things Escape (From Film) Current Affairs Accidents Sketch Seven Brides for Seven Brothers The Man Who is Alternately Rude and Polite Documentary on Boxer 6) School Prizes 'It's a Living' The Time on BBC 1 School Prize-Giving 'if' - a Film by Mr Dibley 'Rear Window' - a Film by Mr Dibley 'Finian's Rainbow' (Starring the Man From the Off-Licence) Foreign Secretary Dung Dead Indian Timmy Williams Interview Raymond Luxury Yacht Interview Registry Office Election Night Special (Silly and Sensible Parties) 7) The Attila the Hun Show 'The Attila the Hun Show' Attila the Nun Secretary of State Striptease Vox Pops on Politicians Ratcatcher Wainscotting Killer Sheep The News for Parrots The News for Gibbons Today in Parliament The News for Wombats Attila the Bun The Idiot in Society Test Match The Epsom Furniture Race 'Take Your Pick' 8) Archaeology Today Trailer 'Archaeology Today' Silly Vicar Leapy Lee Registrar (Wife Swap) Silly Doctor Sketch (Immediately Abandoned) Mr and Mrs Git Mosquito Hunters Poofy Judges Mrs Thing and Mrs Entity Beethoven's Mynah Bird Shakespeare Michaelangelo Colin Mozert (Ratcatcher) Poofy Judges Part 2 9) How to Recognize Different Parts of the Body 'How to Recognize Different Parts of the Body' Bruces Naughty Bits The Man Who Contradicts People Cosmetic Surgery Camp Square-Bashing Cut-Price Airline Batley Townswomen's Guild Presents the First Heart Transplant The First Underwater Production of 'Measure for Measure' The Death of Mary Queen of Scots Exploding Penguin on TV Set There's Been a Murder Europolice Song Contest 'Bing Tiddle Tiddle Bong' (Song) 10) Scott of the Antarctic French Subtitled Film Scott of the Antarctic Scott of the Sahara Fish License Derby Council v. All Blacks Rugby Match Long John Silver Impersonators v. Bournemouth Gynaecologists 11) How Not to be Seen Conquistador Coffee Campaign Repeating Groove Ramsay MacDonald Striptease Job Hunter Crelm Toothpaste Agatha Christie Sketch (Railway Timetables) Mr Neville Shunte Film Director (Teeth) City Gents Vox Pops 'Crackpot Religions Ltd' 'How Not to be Seen' Crossing the Atlantic on a Tricycle Interview in Filing Cabinet 'Yummy Yummy' Monty Python's Flying Circus Again in Thirty Seconds 12) Spam 'The Black Eagle' Dirty Hungarian Phrasebook Court (Phrasebook) Communist Quiz 'Ypres 1914' - Abandoned Art Gallery Strike 'Ypres 1914' Hospital for Over-Actors Gumby Flower Arranging Spam 13) Royal Episode 13 The Queen will be Watching Coal Mine (Historical Argument) The Man Who Says Things in a Very Roundabout Way The Man Who Speaks Only the Ends of Words The Man Who Speaks Only the Beginnings of Words The Man Who Speaks Only the Middles of Words Commercials How to Feed a Goldfish The Man Who Collects Birdwatcher's Eggs Insurance Sketch Hospital Run by RSM Mountaineer Exploding Version of 'The Blue Danube' Girls' Boarding School Submarine Lifeboat (Cannibalism) Undertaker's Sketch

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Series Transmission Recording Number as /number date date recorded 2/1 Sep 15, 1970 Jul 09, 1970 4 2/2 Sep 22, 1970 Jul 02, 1970 3 2/3 Sep 29, 1970 Jul 16, 1970 5 2/4 Oct 20, 1970 Sep 18, 1970 9 2/5 Oct 27, 1970 Sep 10, 1970 7 2/6 Nov 03, 1970 Sep 10, 1970 8 2/7 Nov 10, 1970 Oct 02, 1970 11 2/8 Nov 17, 1970 Oct 09, 1970 12 2/9 Nov 24, 1970 Sep 25, 1970 10 2/10 Dec 01, 1970 Jul 02, 1970 2 2/11 Dec 08, 1970 Jul 23, 1970 6 2/12 Dec 15, 1970 Jun 25, 1970 1 2/13 Dec 22, 1970 Oct 16, 1970 13