Sounds From Other Films

There are just too many movies and TV shows that featured one or more members of the Monty Python troup to devote an entire page to each one. So, for the time being, I'll put up this catch-all page with sounds from some of their appearances in projects outside of Python. I'll be adding sounds from 'Jabberwocky', 'Erik the Viking', 'Splitting Heirs' and just about anything else that fits. As soon as I get a enough sounds from any of the 'other' movies to justify having an entire page for it, it will be moved from here to it's own page.

'Erik the Viking'
Maybe none of us will return. Oh, well that's much more sensible than just Thorfin getting killed. Shall we all go and pack now? 14K
Coming Soon!!  
'Splitting Heirs'
In 1640 the 5th Duke, while on a drinking spree, went to church on a cow and set fire to the choir. He fled to France where he lived and subsequently died under the illusion that he was a footstool. 33K
The 9th Duke married his horse and scandalized society by riding his wife at Ascot where she came 3rd in the 2nd race. 20K
May I remind you of sexual harrassment in the workplace? Very sweet of you darling, but I'm far too busy right now. Don't have to worry about me dear, I'm bi-sexual. Whenever I want sex I have to buy it. 26K
Now she was a great Hamlet. Sure, I just don't remember the banana scene in Hamlet. Well, it's sort of a tropical interpretation. I'll tell you, if Shakespeare was alive today he would die. 25K
Congratulations sir. Uh, you can kiss ass later Brittle. Thank you sir. 14K
You remind me of my late husband. I do? Of course, I haven't seen you naked. No. He was hung like a badger. Really, is that good? Only if you're a badger. 29K
People went sex mad in the 60's, you know. Seemed to do it just for fun ... Weird. 16K
Accidents happen, don't they? You know, car crashes, shooting accidents, people falling out of windows or drinking mercuric chloride in brandy which not only conceals the taste, but also makes subsequent chemical detection practically impossible. That sort of think, you know, accidents. 36K
(dogs barking) Luckily, the dogs gave up after about a mile and as soon as I finished bleeding I returned to finish the job. 36K
Prams don't just explode, do they sir? We believe foul play was involved. Surely you don't think I'm... I don't think anything sir. I'm a police officer. 21K