Eclipse of the Sun

Announcer: And now (fanfare) for the first time ever on record (fanfare) we proudly present the 1972 Eclipse of the sun! (fanfare)

Brian: (John Cleese) Well, here we are at Lords, waiting for the eclipse of the sun. Peter.

Peter: (Eric Idle) Yes, the ground's in tip-top condition and I think we can expect some first rate eclipsing this morning Brian.

Brian: Well, we're certainly all looking forward to it very much up here. Jim.

Jim: (Graham Chapman) And to look at the eclipse of the sun through...

Peter: Of the sun through?

Jim: Yes, to look at the eclipse of the sun through...

Brian: I don't understand.

Jim: To look through, at the eclipse of the sun...

Brian: What?

Jim: I haven't finished. We have this, ooh, surely, magnificent...

Brian: Absolutely.

Jim: ...quite superb...

Brian: Here, here.

Jim: Quite agree.

Peter: What?

Jim: Eh... piece of smoked glass.

Brian: Absolutely.

Jim: Which must be fully... ooh...

Brian: easily...

Peter: Must be!

Brian: Absolutely.

Jim: No question.

Peter: Jolly good!

Terry: Start again!

Jim: Well, here we are at Lord's with this piece of smoked trout...


Jim: Oh, please? Oh, oh, glass! Waiting quite superbly for the eclipse of the sunlike object.

Brian: And here, if I'm very much mistaken, comes the eclipse.

Jim: Yes, you are very much mistaken. Here it comes. Peter.

Peter: Yes, I can't see anyone stopping it now!

Brian: No, it's all over bar the shouting.

Jim: The sands of time must surely be drawing to a close for this plucky solar... (thunder) ...oh!?

Brian: Oh!?

Peter: Oh!?

Jim: Oh.

Brian: Rain!

Peter: Rain!

Jim: Rain. Uh-hmm. Well, what a shame, the rain is beginning to come down now here at Lord's.

Brian: Light's going, too.

Peter: Yes, going really quite fast.

Jim: Mind you, it's getting quite murky up here now.

Brian: You can hardly see your glass in front of your face.

Jim: What a shame. Well, that's it from Lord's then, I'm afraid, but we'll be back here again the moment there is any sign of improvement.

Narrator: (Michael Palin) Well, while we're waiting to take you back to Lord's, we play you a recording of Alistair Cook being attacked by a duck.